The rotation of the inner core of the earth could be changing

The science journalist, Pablo Corso, recounted in Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9), the highlight of the study conducted on the inner core of the earth.

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The earth core It is one of the most unknown and wild places so to speak.

a metallic sphere of 1200 km of radius that floats in an ocean of molten liquid and its behavior is governed by two forces: the rotation and the own force of gravity. It is the interaction between them that generates impacts in the magnetic field.

What drew attention is that the Rotation speed of the inner core is changing intensity and of sense.

The author of this investigation said that “between the beginning of the 70’s and 2009 the core broken towards the east and faster than the Earth’s crust. Since then it has stopped and turns west but slower than the surface does.’ At a planetary level, the differences in movements between the core and the Cortex They are 0.1 degrees per year which can make the day one thousandth of a second shorter or longer than half a century ago.

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The latter does not have an impact on our daily lives, but it can force adjust atomic clocks which are the most precise that we have and in turn are the pattern for other ways of measuring time in the planet.

The study opens new avenues such as the effects on the magnetic field What this difference in rotation and slowing down of the rotation of the nucleus supposes, could have an impact on the climate according to what the actors themselves suggest, although for the moment it is only a hypothesis.

The work serves to better understand the land behaviorbut it makes clear the limitations of current technology because almost the way to understand how the single core works is through tracking seismic waves that travel the entire planet and that is a technology that could be described as somewhat limited.


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