The confederation of service stations denounced that the price of fuels is outdated

Inflation has no ceiling and fuels do not escape this inertia. It is that this February 15 fuel increased again by 4%, as agreed with the Government within the framework of the program Fair prices.

In this context, the team Reprofile communicates with william legoGeneral Manager of the Confederation of Hydrocarbons and Related Trade Entities of the Argentine Republic (CECHA)who spoke about the fuel increases and their impact on the overall economy.

“These increases come from the Fair Prices agreement that includes the oil companies and the national government,” said Lego, who later completed: “It remains pending an increase of 3.8% for March.”

A new increase in gasoline: Shell increased its fuels by 4%

“We had prices frozen for a long time last year and there was a very big explosion in every way”, shot the interviewee. “The face that the public sees behind the increase is that of the service stations but we we have a fixed price that comes from above”, he added.

“The price of fuels is increasingly distanced from monthly inflation, the difference is very noticeable,” said the businessman. “There are provinces where there is a fuel quota, the reality is that we do not see a satisfactory situation,” he concluded.

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