Báez Sosa case: what will be the possible strategy of the rugby players in the final stretch of the trial

The lawyers representing the family of fernando baez sosa and the Prosecutor’s Office, in advance, sought to undermine the eventual strategy that would implement the defense of the rugby players.

The prosecution claimed that there was no possible crime of homicide in a fightfor which 6 years in prison are planned, being one of the alternatives that the defense would deploy.

If this strategy is followed, it is established that they were to attack Fernando with no intent to kill, and as a result there was a unwanted deathin that figure the author would not be determined.

The same thing was done by the complaint through the lawyer Fabian Amendolawho remarked that he did not frame what happened in the figure of preintentional homicide.


It is the other variable that they also foresee maximum of six years in prison for those who are aware of wanting to cause harm, such as aggression, but not to the point of causing death.

Unlike the previous crime, here the perpetrator must be identified.

The accusers anticipated what could be the defender’s tomorrow’s strategy and Amendola criticized the lawyers that in the media plane they maintain that one of the two variables existed for the case.

At the opposite end, the defense attorney Hugo Tomei He asked for prudence but Améndola clarified that he was not referring to him, but to his colleagues who spoke in different media these days.

Who is Ayrton Viollaz, the rugby player who expected acquittal but could receive a life sentence

The position of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Báez Sosa case

The prosecutors of the case for the crime of fernando baez sosaGustavo García and Juan Manuel Dávila, remarked that it was a long day but “the most important thing has already happened” and specified that “the premeditated contest and treachery are proven”.

We prove that the eight people participated in the attack against Fernando. They all did the same, there were no different roles,” the judicial specialists insisted, in relation to the request for the same sentence for all.

After more than ten hours of allegationsThey confirmed that the premeditated contest and treachery “have been proven”, since if it had not been possible to recognize that they had not “dictated” them.

Case Báez Sosa 20230125
Prosecutors involved in the trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa. PHOTO: Telam

In closing their sentencing requests, the prosecutor’s office requested life imprisonment for the eight defendants of the crime of the 18-year-old in January 2020.

When asked about the request for a complaint against Colazo and Guarino for false testimonyGarcía explained: “We consider that they did not lie, but that they omitted information in their answers.”

On Thursday, January 26, it will be the turn of the allegations by Hugo Tomeiwho will seek to turn around the accusations and requests for conviction by the complaint and the prosecution.

It is estimated that the sentence will be handed down by the Court next Tuesday, January 31.

Allegations of Fernando Burlando: more videos about rugbiers

In his final argument in the trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa, fernando mockingthe victim’s family lawyer showed again videos of the eight defendants and increased the role that each of them played in the beating that ended the life of the 18-year-old. before the judges, I’m sure they “operated in a pack” and also that “they all killed him”reason you asked life imprisonment for all of them.

The first video he showed was a record taken inside the bowling alley the briquewhere it is seen how a security person forcibly removes the accused maximum thomsenand he, looking at his friends, makes the gesture with his finger on his neck from left to right, in allusion to “you are dead”, or “I am going to kill you”.

Then, in a series of several short videos, the work done by a computer technician from the complaint was shown, which he highlighted with circles of different colors and their names. Enzo Comelli, Máximo Thomsen, Ayrton Viollaz, Luciano Pertossi, Lucas Pertossi, Blas Cinalli, Ciro Pertossi and Matías Benicellito differentiate the actions of each of them

was also done “trajectory tracking” (“motion tracking”, as they titled it) to reconstruct how they moved around Fernando during the moments of the attack.

“This proves that they were all together, that they operated in a pack,” The lawyer analyzed before the Oral Criminal Court 1 of Dolores when repairing how, while some hit Fernando, others attacked those who came to defend him. “They all killed him,” argued Burlando.


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